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Taryn Sydney, Australia

My husband and I were planning our dream outdoor wedding in Australia. Having so many guests coming from the USA (my husband is American) we decided to 'show off' our city by getting married in a park. I found this product on-line when looking for small, inexpensive gifts for the female guests at the wedding. 
The team at Heels Above were so accomodating! I was really worried that they wouldn't get here in time but they received our order and the products were shipped straight away :) 
The ushers gave out the heel stoppers to the women before the ceremony and I wore them too. It meant that we didn't sink into the grass...saving my very expensive shoes. They slipped right off after the ceremony and my heels where perfectly clean. 
Thank you 'Heels Above' for adding practicality to my special day!

Shari Los Angeles, California

Heels Above are AMAZING... these little plastic discs slip right onto your favorite high heeled shoes, and have definitely kept me out of "sinking" situations! Heels Above keep you solidly above soft ground, saving you & your shoes while walking on grass at outdoor events like weddings or picnics. I highly recommend this clever little invention!

Jessica New York, NEW YORK

I ordered this product for all the women attending my wedding and for the bridesmaids. Everyone appreciated the thoughtfulness in caring for their shoes. 
When I ordered the product online, it was shipped out immediately and they were really easy to work with I would use them again anytime!

Dawn Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA

I want you to know how liked and appreciated the Heels Above were! They were put in a pretty bowl and devoured :-) I'm not used to wearing heels, so at first didn't think of using them, but when I stepped on the grassy area where the dinner was my heel sunk way down and suddenly Heels Above had a whole new meaning for me. I quickly went over to where they were and nabbed a pair. My light colored heels would have been ruined! Also, honestly I kept them on while dancing which made was great as I was more stable!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!

Lauren Seattle, WASHINGTON

Heels Above was a savior at my friend's wedding where I was a bridesmaid. All of us bridesmaids wore them and we saved our expensive heels from being ruined and saved ourselves embarrassment from sinking into the grass while we were doing our bridesmaid duties. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone going to an outdoor wedding or event!!

Gary Los Angeles, California

My wife and I were involved in the planning of our Daughter’s wedding last December (2010). Because the wedding was going to occur at 11 a.m. on a grassy area adjacent to a Japanese Garden, we were concerned that the possibility of wet grass could cause high heels to sink and/or get caught in the grass. We contacted Hells Above and were assured by Susie and Nicole, the family owners of the Company, that this was the ideal product to prevent sinking and damage to high heels. We purchased 30 pairs of the Heels Above shoe protectors and give them to each of the ladies participating in the wedding. Everybody put the protectors on her shoes and everything went smoothly and everybody was able to walk in dignity without worrying about their shoes. You have enough to worry about with these types of events, so anything that can lessen concerns is a blessing. I would recommend this product, especially with the kindness and support we received from Susie and Nicole. The product was delivered on time at the correct price and was exactly as advertised.

Juliette Paris, France

What a problem when you're enjoying a cocktail and you're just sinking into the grass ... That's why I order Heels Above for me and all my wedding procession ! In France, this type of product is not so commercialized and very expensive ... However it's very convenient, even to protect fragile suede heels as exemple. 


Super quick international deliver and great quality!! All the sizes wrap around the heels super well. I'm so happy I ordered these heels! I had ordered previously from China and had to just chuck them in the bin as they are from hard plastic and wouldn't wrap around the heels. 

I strongly recommend these ones! 


I bought several pairs of these for my outdoor wedding. They worked marvelously! I used them all day and walked all over the grass in my heels and huge wedding dress and I felt comfortable and stable. I highly recommend these! 


Great product and shipped fast! Needed for my wedding heels!! They work great! 


These are great to have. I did notice that if you stay on the grass for a long period of time they start to bend a little, but they held up well.I recommend these 


At my daughter's outdoor rooftop wedding ceremony, the flooring was a soft cork-like substance and easily punctured. The heels above prevented the bride and attendants from getting their heel stuck in the surface and therefore prevented falls. These heels above saved us from having to purchase and/or rent an aisle runner to prevent possible falls. We recommended this product to the venue manager to recommend to other guests. 


I ordered these for me and my daughter for her outdoor wedding. They were great! No sinking in the grass! I ordered the wrong size first and had to reorder. I ask them to rush the order to make sure I had them on time! They did exactly as I ask!! Great product!!!! Would definitely recommend!! 




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